Do you want something to drink?

Do you want something to drink?

Today I want to tell you about an evening of mine when something funny happened to me. My friend reminded me at dinner last night.
I love to dance and so I often went out and went dancing. Even alone. There have never been any problems … dance is danced alone and ballroom dancing, well you always find someone to dance with.

Well that evening I was approached by a man with whom I danced two or 3 couple dances. He had been good enough. He hadn’t stepped on my toes. After those 3 dances we needed a break so we moved away from the smooth dance floor and sat down to chat about him.

It was clear that the man was aiming for something. He was trying to be seductive. Bla bla Bla for a while. Always the same questions. until the time comes “Shall we have a drink?” I mentioned a “Yes come on”. He said to me: “I’ll have an orange juice and you?”
I didn’t want to be difficult so I just said, “It’s okay for me too.”

He headed for the bar … I saw him talking to the bartender and TADANNNN. He came back with a glass and two straws. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
Oh well my friend just laughed when I told him about the episode and of course I didn’t drink.

But one thing makes me think. Is this really how a man tries to impress a woman?

What do you think about it?