An Idea is born

This blog was born from the idea of wanting to exchange our feelings with someone.
There are those days when we want to talk but we cannot do it with those we know for fear of judgments or of not being understood.

Here you can do it!
This is a meeting place, an outlet, where you can come and say hello.


I would but I can not

How many times do we find ourselves wanting to do something, say something but we are stuck.
A pinch of courage is enough to speak and open our hearts. Sometimes with a good result … alas sometimes not with the expected consequences.


Don’t be afraid to express your feelings

I start here.

Feelings and I maybe get along or maybe we don’t.
They are a serious part of me and my daily life, starting with looking at my cat, when I listen to music when I look at something that excites me.




… and yes, emotions always take us when we least expect it. This is how it happens to me, during a dance film, maybe a comedy that should make us laugh but that in the end brings tears to our eyes because it unleashes something inside us.

Have you ever seen a figure skating competition?

Well I love them. But for an hour or two of the show, I live their emotions.
At each jump I take my breath away and I hope no one falls. I am moved to see their happiness for a well executed program or the disappointment in their expression due to the mistakes they made. For me they are heroes to do what they do on 3 mm of blade. They make me dream, maybe even feel useless as I’ve never tried to do anything like that and maybe I could.

What do you think about it?