Love me

Love me but don’t stop my wings if I want to fly…
Don’t lock me in a cage for fear of losing me.

Love me with the humble certainty of your Love and I will never go away…
and if I am in a distant sky I will find the path to your thoughts again…
and if you are with me I will teach you to fly…
and you will teach me to stay.

Love me with every part of you so that I can belong to the soul and not to the body when I hug you or kiss your forms.

Love me without hiding that tenderness that makes you a child on my pupils and never be ashamed if I tell you “I love you”.

Love me whatever aspect our Love will take on or the place where we will exchange another look.

Love me even if my passion seems wild to you and my ways will sometimes be abrupt or strong.

Love me for who I am and I will follow you along the steps of sweetness and I will protect your fragility from the world.

Love me and I will accompany your every gesture without the need for words.
Love me a little more than I will ask of your heart because I will do the same walking beside you.

Love me and don’t look at my scruffy appearance or my shapes that don’t taste like beauty
Don’t dwell on the color of my eyes or what makes me big or small or weak or strong.

Love me for what you see with your eyes closed or for what you feel when I remain silent in your hands, love me for this and not for the things people will say about me.

Love me because you live our Love and don’t make it a necessity so you don’t feel alone or even to convince yourself that it will be forever.

Love me every day as if it were truly unique but not the last…
only in this way will you know my beauty every time.