Parliamo di sentimenti
Parliamo di sentimenti

Let's talk about feeling

Let’s talk about feeling it is a place for friends, confidants and people who want to share their experiences in the emotional field and beyond.

Parliamo di sentimenti

We tell our stories ...

… our adventures, our fears and doubts.

Tell your story. A story that makes us move. A real story that you want to share with friends

Tell us about your adventure, perhaps ridiculous, that made you laugh. Let us participate in what you want to share

Post a quote from someone who impressed you. Write what you think about it and we will comment on it together

Some songs are part of us, of our memories of our emotions. Share them with us

Parliamo di sentimenti


You only live once, but if you do it
right, once is enough.

Send us your story

Tell us about your adventure, be it about love or normal life. Anything you want to share with us!

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