Chapter 2.01

Chapter 2.1 – Fabio

The following weeks became a routine. Tuesdays never came and the weeks seemed so long.
The nice thing was that Fabio and I spoke to each other every Tuesday and spent those 5 minutes together telling each other something. But I wanted more.
After a few weeks, I found a way to work in the same place so I could combine the pleasure and the need to work. Times were a bit gray when it came to money but by doing this I avoided paying for the entrance to the club and was able to come and go without problems.
Fabio also played in other clubs owned by the same owner and so, even on Mondays he became a regular stop.
Christmas passed, New Year passed, and Valentine’s Day slowly arrived and Isabella didn’t know what to do. She had to do something. So she instinctively went to a crystal and jewelry shop where she used to make her purchases. She spoke to the shop assistant and chose a pyramid of red jasper. She was right for her.
She had a nice little package made and quietly put it back in her bag. When she left the shop she decided that she wanted a ticket too and so she went to the stationery shop and bought one.
When she got home she thought she should write something on this note… but what without forcing her hand?
She stared at the blank part of the ticket for hours. Then she finally had an idea. She took the pen and wrote: “Valentine’s Day is the celebration of those who love each other and I love you so much… With love”. Now this could have worked. She was satisfied and she couldn’t wait to hand it over to him.
On Valentine’s Day evening he got ready to go dancing as always. She was excited and agitated at the same time. “But yes. At Massimo I will make the usual fool of myself.”
She drove for about 1 hour and a little more. The place was already quite full. She went to the console, said the usual greetings and then left Fabio to work for the whole evening.
It’s time for her to go home. The moment of calm had arrived. She took the small package from her bag and with her heart beating very fast she headed towards the stage. Fabio smiled at her, changed the song and came over to chat as they used to do. My goodness, how scared she was at that moment. She took her little package and gave it to him.
He was surprised but didn’t seem uncomfortable. Isabella said, “Don’t think badly. It’s just a thought in the day when you love someone… Having said that, she said good night and headed home.
There were many thoughts that tormented her and the fear of having made a fool of herself but… Despite everything she was happy about it. Now he knew that she Isabella had feelings for him.


Thinking about those moments made her smile. My goodness if she had done shit for love in her life.
she That time she had done a lot of kilometers that yes maybe even just for 5 minutes.
But deep down she had done it out of love.
she thought back to the clubs where she had been dancing, the discussions regarding a relationship that was there but wasn’t there.
But despite everything, a friendship that continued even after years.
Things had changed for everyone, him, the family, the children, I, my life. But the passion for music united us and a sincere friendship had consolidated over the years.