Chapter 2 – Fabio

Chapter 2 – Fabio

It was time for dinner. She opened the fridge…. Not many things inside, a piece of cheese, some salad, 3 bottles of milk. As usual, she forgot to go shopping. She opted for a meager soup. “Always better than nothing,” she said aloud looking at the cat. He was hungry too. “Don’t worry, I’ll feed you too!”
As she stirred the broth in her pot I flash back into her thoughts.


“What a day!”
Isabella had just returned from one of her jobs. She was hard to keep up with in those days.
She had rented that studio apartment for a few months waiting for the summer season to arrive. She was bored. She didn’t want to stay at home. She looked at the closet. “Well let’s go out!” she She took a shower. She put on a pair of jeans and a tight shirt and decided she was going to dance.
Not far away there was a disco open on Tuesdays. After driving for fifteen minutes she parked and entered the club. It was early so it wasn’t very busy. She sat in the smooth room watching the elderly couples dance. It was nice to see these people loving each other after so many years. She wondered how they managed to overcome the difficulties. In these times at the first difficulty you drop everything and change in 90% of situations.
She knew how to dance the “ballroom dance” she did it since she was a child. Both with her it seems to her and with her mother. She liked going to village festivals. You hear the orchestras play and dance the waltz or mazurka with her father and the twist with her mother. She was beautiful in the summer. The holidays. She had always liked dancing. Any type of dance.
“Miss, do you want to dance?”. A middle-aged man had approached her and distracted her from memories of her. She looked up and decided that she was the harmless fellow “Yes gladly” she replied. She did two dances. It was always nice to dance as a couple. The gentleman was nice and didn’t extend his hand. This was good. Some men asked to dance just to lay hands on young women. After a waltz and a foxtrot they took their leave and Isabella went around the room.

A leap into the Latin room. She didn’t really like that kind of music but she liked to see people dancing so happily. She glanced at the clock. It was just after midnight.
“Well, let’s go and see what’s going on there!”. She moved into the commercial music room. The place was starting to come alive. Absently she looked at the console. The evening had just begun. She decided to throw herself on the dance floor and started dancing. Oh she really needed to vent.

She was immersed in thoughts of her, moving her body, just not paying attention to everything around her when a voice came out loud and clear from the speakers. She was enchanted by it. She felt deeply touched. She had to see who she belonged to. She turned herself to the deejay. “Nice man” she said to herself and chatterbox. She had to know him.
For that evening she stayed there. She listened to him. She said a lot of stupid things into the microphone. But he made her laugh. Oh she would get to know him.
Thus it was that her Tuesdays at the disco began to become a regular routine.
She tried to show off little by little with some slightly provocative attire. One day she took courage and dancing she found her eyes on her and so instinctively she waved goodbye to him. He answered her with a smile.

There was finally a connection.