Victor Hugo –  I do everything I can.

Victor Hugo – I do everything I can

It was love at first sight between the married Victor Hugo and the actress Juliette Drouet.
Their love lasted 50 years and was studded with numerous letters and poems that the two lovers never stopped sending each other over the course of 5 decades.
Among the many I came across this one that I find very profound and expresses the true value of love.
Loving also means walking away.
Leave free to choose and do not force to get what you want.
One of my favorite quotes is:

Someone once said, if want something very badly, set it free. If he comes back to you, it’s your forever. If  it doesn’t, it was never yours to begin with.

I do everything I can
because my love
don’t bother,
I look at you secretly
I smile at you when you don’t see me.
I lay my gaze
and my soul everywhere
I would like to place my kisses:
on your hair,
on your forehead,
on your eyes,
on your lips,
caresses everywhere
have free access.