Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone !!!

Let’s talk about feelings so we can’t help but talk about Valentine’s Day.

There are various stories and legends about it but I don’t want to be bored here with historical notes that can easily be found around the Web.

I’ve always considered an anniversary a bit like this … Yes, of course it’s nice to see lovers together these days, to go out to dinner, exchange more or less expensive gifts but tomorrow, in a month, in 6 … things are different? Is love gone?

Why dedicate just one day to love when it should be love every day?

Certainly not only between lovers.
Love is also between parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren. Love shows itself in various ways not only between couples.

I love my cat I celebrate with him but … I do it every day even when it makes me troubled 🙂

Every day Happy Valentine's Day

Here is what I think. Love should be celebrated every day. The path of life is not always peaceful, rainy days also arrive but if there are two of you, and the feelings are deep, everything can seem easier because having a shoulder to rely on is the best thing you can find in life.

My Best Wishes.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you who are in love and are about to see your loved one.

To you who are alone at home and on this day you think about your lost love.

To you who don’t know what love is but still need it.

To those who feel alone, to those who are happy, to those who are not considered.

Happy Valentine’s Day to those who are forgotten, to those who do not know themselves, to those who would like to be known.

I send you all a warm hug full of feeling not because we know each other but because I simply want to do it.

And finally happy Valentine’s Day for all your days not just today because we deserve to be loved constantly.

With love
Let’s Talk About Feeling